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About Central Scientific Instrument Corporation

The firm was founded by Late Mr. N.L. Varshneya . B. Sc. , L.L.B., in the year 1943. He established this organization as a trading company. In the year 1962, he started manufacturing of Scientific Instruments & Microscopes. In the year 1967, he was joined by his son Mr. Vinay K. Varshneya, who is the present CEO & Incharge of Production and R & D Departments of Microscopes, Metallographic and Petrographic Equipments. He passed M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Technical Optics from Technical University Stuttgart, Germany in 1966. He was awarded scholarship for studies in Germany by DAAD (German academic Exchange Services). He completed his Masters Thesis on “Designing of Apochromatic Objectives with corrected Astigmatism” under the guidance of Prof. Horst Koehler, Institut fuer Technische Optik and Feinmesstechnik, T.U. Stuttgart, who was also a Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter of Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany. Thereafter he worked with Carl Zeiss, Werk Winkel Goettingen (Germany), in the Microscope Manufacturing plant. He also worked with Hertel & Reuss, Kassel, a famous German factory producing Microscopes. Due to his thorough knowledge of German language, he was appointed as a Lecturer in German in Agra University, Agra. He is also a Nominated Member of Educational Instruments and Equipment Sectional Committee of Bureau of Indian Standards.

Under his guidance, untiring, innovative approach, acumen and expertise, Central Scientific Instrument Corporation is well known for quality & precision.

Quality Assurance

With rich industrial expertise, our team of quality controllers marks our main focus on quality and perfection. Our manufacturing unit is fully equipped with all advanced equipments and machineries to ensure that each part of our products adheres to the given specifications. We endeavor towards the complete satisfaction of our esteemed customers and maintain quality assurance as provided in ISO 9001: 2008 certification .

Market Description

Geology, Earth Science, Paleontology, Metallurgical Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Textile, Polymer Science, Physics, Botany & Zoology Departments of Universities & Engineering Colleges.
Pathology, Microbiology and Anatomy of Medical Colleges.

Auto and Auto parts, Motorcycle, Aviation, watch, Ferrous and Non Ferrous Castings, Cement and abrasive Industry, Inspection of Semi- conductor , glass defects for Quality Assurance and R & D.

Product Range

  • Polarizing Microscope
  • Petrological Microscope
  • Transmitted Light Polarizing Microscope
  • Transmitted & Incident Light Polarizing Microscope
  • Ore Microscope
  • Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Biological Microscope
  • Photographic Microscope
  • Image Analyzer / Image Analysis System
  • Metallographic Equipments
  • Petrographic Equipments
  • Instec USA Hot & Cold Stage
  • Nissho Japan Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Meiji Japan Microscopes